Introducing the Japanese Shikoku Dog

shikokuken_pictureThe Shikoku Dog is a Japanese pure-blooded dog, and has been designated as a precious natural object, like the Akita Dog and Kishu Dog.

tenyugoMost Shikoku Dogs have been bred in remote villages in the mountains of Japan. Therefore, this breed has rarely been crossed with other breeds, but the number of this breed has decreased and the breed is not very famous in Japan.
The Shikoku Dog reminds us of a Japanese samurai. This dog has sharper features than those of other Japanese dogs. Also, the dog is very cautious and brave, and has good judgment. The dog is sober and surprisingly loyal to its master.
The pleasure of breeding the Shikoku Dog by Japanese breeders may be different from that of breeding dogs by European and American breeders. Japanese breeders have repeatedly bred the Shikoku Dog while maintaining the dog's original character and figure, and have succeeded in making good dogs in this way. They have bred their original pure-blooded dogs without crossing, so this breed is one of the most pure-blooded dogs.

boarThe dog is sometimes used to chase wild boars to let it maintain its wild nature.

To keep this dog, it is usually best to provide plain food and let the dog exercise hard. It is more interesting to breed the dog to be an independent dog by considering its strengths and weaknesses than to keep it just as a partner.

Kurogoma(blackish)1 month old.
akagoma(reddish)1 month old.
Kurogoma(blackish)3 month old.
akagoma(reddish)8 month old.
Kurogoma(blackish)4 years old.